Thank You West Seattle for 10 Great Years! Here is a Slice on Us!

Luciano's Pizza and Pasta Celebrates 10 Years of Serving West Seattle. Think about that, 10 YEARS! Ten years ago, Facebook launched. Ten years ago we broke ground on New York's Freedom Tower and ten years ago, a huge tsunami hit Indonesia. Ten years is a long time. Running a respected and loved neighborhood restaurant for ten years is no easy task. So what is Luciano's secret? One word, community.

Luciano's Pizza and Pasta is celebrating 10 Years in West Seattle with a FREE SLICE!Luciano's Pizza and Pasta is family owned and operated by George and his family. George's family lives in West Seattle, right down the street from the restaurant, which is located right next to the Admiral Theater. Their kids go to elementary school in West Seattle and are active members of the community.

Many of us can remember walking home from school and swinging into Luciano's for a slice or coming out of a movie and dropping by for a pepperoni and a soda. Still others have been out at some of our favorite neighborhood bars and just had to get a slice to finish off a great night. Many families know that whenever we need a salad or pasta delivered quick, rain or shine, it's Luciano's who we call.  No matter what your story, if you have lived in West Seattle for any length of time, you probably have tasted something great from Luciano's.

When I asked George the owner what was the best part of owning a neighborhood pizza place, George said "The people. It is all about the people. West Seattle is my extended family and I owe Luciano's success to my loyal customers".

In celebration of a great 10 years, they would like to say thanks to their West Seattle neighbors, a free slice of pizza! No strings, not gimmicks, just a heartfelt thank you for making Luciano's Pizza and Pasta your favorite Pizza and Pasta delivery! So on May 1st, starting at 11am until 10pm, feel free to swing into Luciano's and grab a slice on us. Here is to another 10 years and thanks again West Seattle.

-Luciano's Pizza and Pasta


(note: One slice per customer)





You Think Pizza Delivery is Tough in Seattle...

Sure, delivering pizza is not easy in West Seattle, Burien, White Center and downtown, but you get use to it. Seattle has its fair share of rain and cold, but for the most part, we have it pretty good over here on the left coast. Now the East coast? Those pizza delivery drivers have few more headaches. Especially recently. You can't turn off your car or it will freeze up, if you leave it running, you run the risk of getting your car stolen like this poor guy:

Pizza Delivery in West Seattle is not easy.



Delivering Pizza in West Seattle

Luciano's Pizza and Pasta in West Seattle delivers pizza fast and hot!One of the great things about delivering pizza in West Seattle is the people you meet. Since Luciano's has been a part of West Seattle for over 10 years, we have grown to know our customers and enjoy seeing them while we delivered From West Seattle to HighPoint, from Alki to Fauntleroy, Lucinano's Pizza and Pasta love being part of this community and we love delivering pizza to our neighbors. We always love feedback so if you have any, please visit our feedback form on our website and we will get back to you ASAP!